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West 5

3 days/2 nights

Salta, La Caldera, Purmamarca, "Cerro de los Siete Colores", "Paseo los Colorados", "Cuesta de Lipán", Salinas Grandes, Susques, "Ruta 40", Tuzgle volcano, La Polvorilla ("Tren a las Nubes") rail bridge, San Antonio de los Cobres, Quebrada del Toro, pre-Inca ruins of Santa Rosa de Tastil, Salta.

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Included: Lodging in Hotel Salta

After our transfer from the airport to the hotel, we hold a briefing session, where we will discuss the most important aspects of our trip. During the remaining part of the day we will do a city tour: we will visit the San Bernardo hill, the monument to Güemes, and walk around the city center (Plaza 9 de Julio). Next morning, after breakfast, our adventure trip begins.

The 'Cabildo', a colonial building, on the Plaza 9 de JulioChurch in Salta, province of Salta, Argentina

Day 1:

Salta -> Purmamarca, Susques

Distance traveled: 420 km in 8 hours

Included: Lodging in Hosteria Pastos Chicos

From Salta we drive to Jujuy via the more scenic route, via La Caldera. From Jujuy we follow to Purmamarca, at 2,192 meters of altitude. Purmamarca is a typical Andean "pueblo": narrow streets, old houses, handicrafts everywhere, in the midst of fabulous mountains. Hiking the surrounding area we can appreciate its fantastic rock formations, such as the "Cerro de los Siete Colores". We will ascend the Andes Cordillera via the Cuesta de Lipán, getting to 4,200 meters of altitude. We will visit the Salinas Grandes salt flat, smack in the Altiplano, appreciating this immense plain covered with salt. From there we drive to the "pueblo" of Susques, at 3,600 m of altitude, where we spend the night.

The town of Purmamarca, province of Jujuy, ArgentinaThe town of Purmamarca, Jujuy, ArgentinaThe town of Purmamarca, Jujuy, ArgentinaRocks around the town of Purmamarca, Jujuy, ArgentinaThe road down 'Cuesta de Lipán', province of JujuyRoad from Purmamarca to Susques, Jujuy, ArgentinaThe Salinas Grandes salt flat, on the Altiplano of JujuyThe Salinas Grandes salt flat, on the Altiplano of JujuyThe church of Susques, on the Altiplano of the province of Jujuy

Day 2:

Susques -> San Antonio de los Cobres

Distance traveled: 150 km in 5 hours

Included: Breakfast,Lunch, Lodging in Hosteria de las Nubes

We will drive to the Altiplanic town of San Antonio de los Cobres, at 3,700 meters of altitude. On the way we will see a field of rocks known as "volcanic bombs" (they do not explode!), fauna, typical Andean "pueblos", mountains and fabulous rock formations, will pass besides the Tuzgle volcano and under the La Polvorilla rail bridge ("Tren a las Nubes", 4,200 meters).

Volcanic bombs, province of JujuyVisitors in a field of volcanic bombsRoad, Argentina, on the Andean altiplano (high plateau)Tourists near the Tuzgle volcano, province of JujuySign describing the La Polvorilla rail bridge, SaltaThe La Polvorilla rail bridge, Salta province

Day 3:

San Antonio de los Cobres -> Salta

Distance traveled: 220 km in 5 hours

Included: Breakfast,Lunch

We will descend the Andes Cordillera, heading to the "pueblo" of Santa Rosa de Tastil, at 3,100 meters of altitude. There we find pre-Inca ruins, where we can walk around the extinct settlement. From Santa Rosa de Tastil we will descend to Salta via the Quebrada del Toro, enjoying its landscapes, noticing the gradual change from Altiplano to pre-Cordillera.

The Quebrada del Toro valley, SaltaThe pre-Hispanic ruins of Santa Rosa de Tastil, SaltaThe Quebrada del Toro valley, Salta

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Included: Lodging in Hotel Salta

We drop off the group in the hotel and the rest of the day is free. The following morning, with adequate time, we transfer the group to the airport and our services end.

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